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25 Life Hacks Every Nurse Should Know

25 Life Hacks Every Nurse Should Know

Nursing is not an easy job and because it’s not easy, nurses have found ways to make some of their tasks easier. After all, they’re known to be really creative and innovative.

Whether you are a new nurse who’s adjusting to the job or a veteran nurse finding ways to cope with staffing issues, here are some of the most famous life hacks you need to know.

1.Rinse contact lens with normal saline solution

Your normal saline solution can be used to rinse off particles from your contact lens right before you wear them. Take note, however, that the solution doesn’t have cleansing agents so you shouldn’t use it to clean or disinfect your contact lens.

2.Wear triple gloves during code brown

triple gloves nurse lifehacks - Home Portal

Code brown is truly messy. So, to save your hands from unexpected poop exposure, try triple gloving.

After cleaning up every trace of feces from your patient, peel away the first layer of gloves. This way, you won’t have to wear a new set of gloves before applying a clean diaper.

Remove the second layer of gloves after waste disposal and when you have to put on a new set of bed sheet.

This trick won’t only save you time but it also ensures that your hands are well-protected. It prevents the spread of bacteria, too.

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