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Immigrating to Alberta, Canada? You Need IQAS Assessment

Immigrating to Alberta, Canada? You Need IQAS Assessment
To immigrate to Canada as a skilled worker, you will need an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) for education received outside of Canada. After reading this post you will discover easy guide and details about IQAS for ECA for Express Entry of Canada, how you can get it approved, including:
  • Step by Step process guide for your Canada ECA through IQAS
  • Required documents
  • Cost for IQAS Assessment
  • Processing time for IQAS for ECA of Express Entry of Canada.

What is IQAS Assessment?

In Alberta, the accessing body is being controlled by a body known as IRCC in order to check the applicant’s education credential. It has been known for not accepting numerous institutions that were unable to prove their originality.

The IQAS has been able to spot different institutions of which many aren’t accepted by the World Education Service (WES).

IQAS helps in the process of these applications for it to be evaluated, after accepting them. If it happens a report is not being seen within a short period from IQAS, it means there’s something wrong with the application. For anyone to immigrate to Canada even as a foreign skilled worker there is a need for having Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) for you to obtain education outside of Canada.


What is the IQAS Assessment and everything to know?

IQAS is an abbreviation with the full meaning known as the International qualification assessment service. This is an Alberta government service centres in issuing out certificates and also help to compare various credentials brought to them from other countries to check either they are in the same standard with the standard of education in Canada. This body has been organized by the Canadian government to offer Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) in order to carry out Express Entry.

Favourable Conditions for Express Entry for 5 years

The following are a list of favourable conditions:
  • ECA will not be given to you if the presented credentials cannot be verified and/or are from an educational program/institution without a reputation. IQAS will send you a notification the application have been terminated.
  • This ECA will not bring out a result in an outcome you need to carry out Express Entry Application. A comparison is being carried between your credentials and Canadian education standards, and this might seem different from the country you had your education.

  • IQAS receives a large number of various applications and does not offer rush services. All IQAS applications are being processed the way they were submitted.
  • An ECA will not be given out within short timelines to favour deadlines. It is advisable you apply enough in order to meet the deadlines you have.


How to Apply for Canada IQAS?

The following are the various steps of applying for IQAS:
  • Arrange all the necessary documents
  • Fill an online application and submit it by mail to IQAS
  • Get an official transcript from your school
  • IQAS continue with the processing of the application
  • IQAS send you a mail on the assessment based on the online application
  • Submit the assessment to Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada together with a file number.


Why do you need IQAS for Alberta Immigration?


Assessing of Results:

It helps students to get recognition for the different training and education they obtain outside of Canada. This body gives out certificates for comparison of educational credentials from other countries to check if it has the same standard with a Canadian education.

For the Purpose of Immigration:

This is one of the essential procedures as a foreign skilled worker who is relocating to Canada must do. The various credentials or transcripts of the candidate have to be evaluated either it has the same standard with education in Canada or not.

For Licensure &Employment:

If you have the intention of studying or working, the credential you have must be accessed by IQAS to know the educational level either it has the same value with Canadian education or not.