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Drone photos that capture what we weren’t supposed to see

Drone photos that capture what we weren’t supposed to see

Ever since drones, our view of the world has changed. We’ve been able to take to the skies, visit dangerous places, and see things from afar that previously would have remained unseen. Here, we sample some of the more bizarre things that drones have seen. Some of these things are scary, some are jarring, some are downright weird. Check out these incredible sightings that could only be seen with the help of drones!

1. A Farmer Saves His Crops

Here, this drone managed to capture a farmer in the midst of saving his crops. While we don’t know if he succeeded, we do know what he was trying to do. In essence, the way in which the farmer is traveling in relation to the fire suggests that he is trying to create a fire line.

farmer tries to save crops by driving over them with plough

A fire line is a way in which to destroy the fuel for a fire. Here, that fuel is dry crops. If the farmer destroys these crops in a consistent way in front of the fire, the fire will have no fuel to burn once it gets to the line. The hope is that this temporary lack of fuel will prevent the fire from burning forward. While dangerous, this was a valiant effort by the tractor driver to protect the land.

2. Children of the Wheat

Most people don’t tend to fly their drones overtop vast swaths of crops as it tends to yield boring results. But within the small subset of people that do, sometimes they’re surprised at what they find. In this case, they were shocked to find a scarecrow. While scarecrows are actually common to the farming life, most don’t seem to be this creepy.

Scarecrow in field
Wikimedia Commons

This scarecrow is hunched over, looking as if it’s on the hunt. While we can be certain that it’s not actually animate, that doesn’t mean we can’t pretend. Either way, this is one of the more bizarre findings among the intimidating scarecrow industry. If it’s not bizarre for the actual scarecrow, perhaps it is because somebody thought this would be an interesting drone photo.
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