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What are the Highest Paying Healthcare Jobs in Canada

What are the Highest Paying Healthcare Jobs in Canada

Do you know the healthcare job is one of the good-paying jobs in Canada?
There are ample of benefits that are attached to it when you are into any medical profession. Today you will discover the facts about some of the highest paying jobs in Canada’s Health sector.

Health care jobs known to be a noble career for anyone who wants to make a reasonable sum of stable income to cater for their basic needs or wants. The experiences that are being gathered are quite amazing because there is an opportunity to grow in terms of knowledge and ranking. It is certain you must have a good educational qualification in order to be in this field.

The people who are involved in this field place their lives hanging on the balance, based on the fact there are risks involved when dealing with patients who are having communicable diseases such as Covid 19.

In the upcoming year, it has been predicted that the number of healthcare jobs will still grow, and also open opportunities for new jobs. Due to different illnesses or infirmities, there are many positions available in healthcare jobs in order to save humanity. Let’s see these healthcare jobs with good pay.

What are some of the Highest Paying Healthcare Jobs in Canada in 2020?

Highest Paying Healthcare Jobs in Canada

Gone are the days, it was only being a physician that was seen as a healthcare job that offers good pay. Presently, the reverse is the case, because times have changed. The following have been regarded as the highest paying healthcare jobs found in Canada, and here they are:

Physicians and Surgeons:

These are the professions that earn the highest pay in healthcare jobs. In almost all the hospitals and clinics you can find them there. The physicians treat patients with medical prescriptions and follow them through their medical records or histories. The surgeons can also treat, but they do have their area of concentration in which they carry out surgical operations. They function inside the medical theatre where an operation is being done on patients. No one becomes either a physician or surgeon without education.

Their average salary is $208,000.


The dentist is another healthcare job where there is a high pay salary. In the world today, there are people with dental or gum issues. For some, it might be they want to file their teeth in order to have an awesome dental arrangement. The dentists are responsible for cases or issues which are related to the human teeth. They also advise their dental patients on how to maintain good dental health. There’s no doubt about it that educational qualification is needed to become a certified dentist.

The average salary of being a dentist is $159,770 per annum.


This healthcare profession has a basic role it plays in the medical field in order to maintain patient’s health and wellness. An education should be obtained in order to be given the right license to dispense and prescribe drugs to patients. In hospitals, they educate patients on the proper way of using drugs in order to avoid over dosage. There are other professional exams that have to be written and it is being expected of anyone who wants to be a pharmacist to pass with good grades.
The average salary of being a pharmacist is $126,120 per annum.

Physical Therapist:

This is one of the highest paying healthcare jobs in which they assist patients in hospitals with severe pain which originated from one sickness or the other. Someone who is recovering from Corona virus needs a physical therapist to help him or she manages the pain he or she went through during Corona virus. Any patients who are trying to recuperate or recover from a sickness, they follow them all through until they become fully recovered.

Salary: A professional degree must be obtained, and the average salary is $87,930.

Dieticians & Nutritionists:

These are medical experts when it comes to the area of food and nutrition. There are patients who might be having one issue or the other in which the root cause is through the kind of food they ingest into their body. These healthcare professionals make use of their knowledge and experiences to schedule a food time table which will help the patient recover on time. These diets are common to patients who are having obesity, diabetes, ulcer, and others.

They earn $60,370 per year, and education is a necessity in earning this income.