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You Will Never Eat Another Banana Knowing This

You Will Never Eat Another Banana Knowing This

Bananas are a great snack food. They come perfectly packaged in a single serving size. They taste good raw, cooked, in bread or over cereal. They have a lot of great nutritional value.

But… bananas can be hard on your body. Eating bananas comes with risks to your heart and waist line. There are even commonly prescribed medications that you should never take and then eat bananas. Bananas can even cause severe allergic reactions.

In fact, you may never eat another banana after reading this.

Not Such a Diet Food

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Bananas have lots of good nutrients but they are not a diet food. Bananas are higher in calories than other fruits – at about 105 calories – and they have less fiber, so you won’t feel full as long.

A banana might be a good snack, but for calorie counters, there are better snacks out there. They are mid-level on the glycemic index, so diabetics may want to avoid them.

And you probably don’t want to eat a lot of bananas anyway!

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